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Iris's Spring Flower Blooming

Date: Jan 05, 2017Views: 3727

Hello Muse Wedding-Spring Flower Blooming Outdoor Session 

Cherry Blossom, yellow forsythia flower and beautiful bride and groom! 

Hello, Muse! 

It was the second round for iris couple right after another indoor + semi outdoor package. :) Iris wanted to capture the beautiful Spring scenery with us so she decided to have the whole day outdoor photo shoot session. She was so beautiful as the perfect muse for photographer! In order to capture nice scenes, hellomuse crews including bylynn executive photographer had to move to different locations exceptionally. Such a nice weather, nice team and beautiful bride and groom.. There's nothing to describe more. :) Please enjoy the precious moments of iris couple♥

Groom & Bride: Chan Lap Shing & Iris

Nation: Hong Kong

Package Name: Spring Season whole day outdoor shoot to capture the cherry blossom!

Bridal Shop and Make-up Salon: Ladesse & Soon Soo

0009_LYN_8361.jpg 0062_LYN_8396.jpg 0098_KYJ_1021.jpg 0301_KYJ_1119.jpg 0432_LYN_8639.jpg 0501_LYN_8678.jpg 0590_LYN_8735.jpg 0605_LYN_8748.jpg 0706_KYJ_1284.jpg 0755_KYJ_1301.jpg 0891_LYN_8956.jpg 0998_KYJ_1403.jpg 1156_KYJ_1485.jpg 1188_KYJ_1505.jpg 1205_KYJ_1520.jpg 1232_KYJ_1536.jpg 1336_LYN_9221-3.jpg 1389_KYJ_1605.jpg 1552_KYJ_1677.jpg 1619_KYJ_1720.jpg 1669_KYJ_1749.jpg 1713_LYN_9438.jpg 1769_KYJ_1805.jpg 1807_KYJ_1819.jpg 1837_KYJ_1844.jpg 1935_KYJ_1896.jpg 2079_KYJ_1927.jpg 2080_LYN_9667.jpg 2201_KYJ_1988.jpg 2323_KYJ_2043.jpg

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