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Harry & Tracy

Date: Jul 03, 2018Views: 3535

Hello Muse Client Epilogue - Happy, Fun and Romantic moment!

Hello, Muse! 

We haven't update real customer's epilogue for some times because we are preparing to launch our own HelloMuse outdoor brand for 2019 now. :) But we couldn't miss nice epilogues to share with you so we will keep updating epilogues in this summer. :) 
Here's real fun, happy and romantic couple and you definitely see how much they enjoyed the photo shoot.
We wish our lovely couple stay sweet forever and thank you for choosing Hello Muse!

Groom & Bride : Harry & Tracy
Studio: The Third Mind Studio 
Makeup Salon : Jenny House 
Dress Shop: The blessing beaulah premium (the shop provided Jun Ji Hyun's dresses)

161101_0023.jpg 161101_0070.jpg 161101_0116.jpg 161101_0273.jpg 161101_0274.jpg 161101_0291.jpg 161101_0349.jpg 161101_0371.jpg 161101_0389.jpg 161101_0404.jpg 161101_0420.jpg 161101_0436.jpg 161101_0467.jpg 161101_0517.jpg 161101_0528.jpg 161101_0557.jpg 161101_0605.jpg 161101_0618.jpg 161101_0663.jpg 161101_0717.jpg 161101_0843.jpg NG5A7065.jpg NG5A7087.jpg NG5A7106.jpg NG5A7118.jpg NG5A7165.jpg NG5A7222.jpg NG5A7279.jpg NG5A7378.jpg NG5A7390.jpg NG5A7401.jpg NG5A7434.jpg


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