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Winnie&Jason's Original Photos

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Hello Muse Wedding

A Lovely Couple Winnie and Jason's cute pre wedding photography in Korea with HELLO MUSE

Hello, Muse!

I've got a call from Wonkyu studio today and heard that my cute customers Winnie's original photos are ready! I picked up the CD from the studio and now I'm about to send the whole photo files to Winnie! Winnie and Jason will look through all the pre wedding pictures that they've taken on photo shoot day and they will select their favorite 20 photos for their printed wedding album and frame :) I'm really happy to see their natural smile in these photos and I already miss them. As I always tell to my customers, Wonkyu studio creates the best original photography in Korea even though they didn't do any Photoshop yet. Some people can say it's quite pricey but I always guarantee about the final outcome. I can't wait to see their final pre wedding photography after Photoshop!!! >< Winnie promised that she will bring me to a delicious HK food restaurant when I visit to HK. I hope Winnie and Jason like these photos and reminisce about the photo session in Korea with us :D 

Winnie and Jason is wearing a wedding gown and smiling in front of the camera! Rose garden wedding scene is awesome.


Winnie is posing like a super model in pre-wedding pakcage in Korea


Winnie and Jason is taking their pre wedding photo shoot in a antique concept set in Korea studio


Winnie was satisfied with her main Korean professional wedding photographer


A black and white wedding photography in Korean style



Wonkyu studio's main pre wedding photo scene


Korean concept wedding photography in Wonkyu studio

Cheerful and natural pre wedding photography with Winnie and Jason in Korea


Wonkyu's new pre wedding photo scene in a Cafe


Winnie and Jason want to take their Korean wedding photo shoot with Dogs


Romantic cafe scene in Korea pre-wedding photo


Wonkyu's favorite pre wedding scenes


Wonkyu studio's library scene with real couple


romantic pre-wedding foto in Korea with Hello Muse

  Winnie and Jason's wedding picket



cute couple look for pre wedding photo shoot in Korea


cute and cheerful pre wedding photos riding a bike


Korean pre wedding package with Hello Muse! Korea pre wedding review with hellomuse wedding


Korean pre wedding package with Hello Muse! Korea pre wedding review with hellomuse wedding


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