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Issac & Tiffany

Date: Jan 05, 2017Views: 10295

Hello Muse Wedding-Premium package for indoor

Simple, elegant and lovely concept for couple from Malaysia :) 

Hello, Muse! 

It was really happy to assist to this couple last June. :) So many chat about their counties comparing with Seoul city during the dress tour, make-up and photo shoot session. After that I was really travel to Malaysia for KK or KL both. :) Tiffany was so nice and lovely so photographer couldn't stop pressing the button of camera to capture all smiling moment. And her fiancee, Issac was so humorous to make everybody rough and happy, definitely mood maker during the whole pre wedding session. Their wedding will be on October 15th in Bali and all staff of HELLO MUSE hope and expect their beautiful wedding soon. We love to share their beautiful moments in Korea with us.♥

Groom & Bride: Issac & Tiffany

Nation: Malaysia

Package Name: Sajin Premium package 

Bridal Shop and Make-up Salon: The blessing of Beulah premium line & Jenny House 

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