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Korea Top Model SongGyeongA Pre Wedding Photo

Date: Apr 02, 2014Views: 1919

[ Wedding News on 2014. April. 2nd ]

The pre wedding photo shoot of Korea Top Model Song, Gyeong-A was opened to the public today. 

All star team that are photographer Hong Jang Hyun, style director Jang Mi A, hair stylist Kim Jung Han and makeup artist Lee Jun Seong were part of the whole process for one of the most talented and beloved model in Korea. 

And many top models were willing to get Australia for the bridal shower photo shoot. 

She is going to get married with her first love and they have been seeing each other for 10 years.

In the magazine,  there are her pure and lovely smile all the time even though she is famous for charisma character. 

"Thank you for all who congrats our wedding, our new begging of life. And we will do our best to show you all our happiness in order to repay your kindness."

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