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“God’s Gift-14 Days” Jung Gyu Woon

Date: Apr 22, 2014Views: 2398

God’s Gift – 14 Days“ Jung Gyu Woon  has married his girlfriend of three years at a private wedding ceremony at the Raum in Gangnam, Seoul. The beautiful wedding took place on April 5, and was attended by many stars. 

The bride looked beautiful in her white wedding dress, and she was once a model. The one year older wife currently works as a web designer. The couple first met as friends, but their relationship naturally turned romantic. The newlywed couple plans to jet off to Europe for romantic honeymoon. Congratulations Jung Gyu Woon, and have happy and blessed marriage!

Many celebrities were in attendance for the star studded wedding. He took his pre-wedding photo shoot at Pium studio. He look really happy and comfortable with his bride. 

[Reference- Pium studio]


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