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Big Star with Small Wedding

Date: Jun 05, 2017Views: 8172

HELLO MUSE - 2017 Wedding Trends in Korea


Hello, Muse !


We'd like to share new wedding trend in Korea now especially big stars. :) 

Recently so many big starts have their own wedding very small and private. Some of them didn't announce their wedding day and did their ceremony suddenly with very closed relatives and families. This kind of trends are effecting the whole style of wedding in Korea now. Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be want to have more private, outdoor and unique wedding now and those star wedding are their sample to refer. 

[Kim Tae Hee & Rain wedding at the catholic church] 

She made the dress herself based on her major at the University and he wore his own suit.

Kim01.jpg Kim02.jpg Kim03.JPG Kim04.JPG Kim05.JPG Kim06.jpg    

[One Bin & Lee Na Young wedding at Forage Barley in GangWonDo]

one01.jpg one02.jpg one03.jpg one04.jpg

[Lee Hyo Lee & Kim Sang Soon wedding in Jeju Island]

Lee01.jpg Lee02.jpg Lee03.jpg Lee04.jpg Lee05.jpg Lee06.jpg

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