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High Ranked Items of Innisfree

Date: Mar 27, 2014Views: 2285

Hello, Muse! 

Many customers of mine wanted me to suggest Korean cosmetic brands or items whenever they visited us for their pre- wedding photo session. So, I decided to share the cosmetic items in my pouch and recent popular items among Korean women. The name brand items are really popular here too such as Mac, Bobby Brown, Nars etc... However, I will mainly introduce Korean cosmetics which are high-quality and reasonable price on this ' K-Beauty' page. 

Let me tell you about some hot itmes from 'Innisfree'. Innisfree is a herb solution cosmetic brand that has a meaning of modern desire of going back to nature, and Innisfree stands for 'The Island of Liberty, Innisfree' derived from W.B.Yeats' poetry. All the products are mild so it haven't occurred any trouble on my skin. 

001이니스프리 로고.jpg

There are a Korean TV show named 'Get it Beauty'. It is a beauty show that Korean women do the blind test of cosmetic items and determine the ranking. Let's look at some high-ranked items from Innisfree on TV show today! 


  <First Ranked Items from Innisfree on TV Show 'Get it Beauty'> 03 파운데이션.jpg

1. Mineral Moisture Foundation

KRW 18000 

04 컨실러.jpg

2. Mineral Perfect conscealer

KRW 10000



3. No-Sebum Mineral Powder

KRW 10000



06 선블락.jpg

4. Eco Safety Daily Sunblock

KRW 8000  


5. Olive Real Essential Oil

KRW 25000


6. Olive Real Cleansing Tissue

KRW 5000 

  <Second Ranked Items from Innisfree on TV Show 'Get it Beauty'> 


\7. Mineral Rose Marbling Brighter

KRW 10000   

05 스키니마스카라.jpg

8. Skinny Mascar

KRW 9000 

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