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Organic Milk&Honey Chip Ice Cream

Date: Mar 25, 2014Views: 1388

Hello, Muse! 

It's our first posting about Korean food and snacks to you all! The long long winter finally passed and spring has come! let me tell you about the hottest place with coldest ice cream today.

Softree has blown up in just a few months in Korea with their richly bland soft ice cream. You will see lines around the block for this in Garusugil and Hongdae and are now in Hyundae Department Store and Lotte Department Store.The most popular one seems to be honey chip and it has a block of honeycomb. 


2014-03-25 18;21;35-1.jpg

There was long line up whenever I passed by. We decided to visit there during the winter time. It was a really cold day and there were not many people on the street. We finally went inside of the store and there were few people in front of me. Yeahee! 

The ice cream parlor is tiny, simply furnished, with limited seating space. I guess it is more of a take-away ice cream place. I could choose to have the ice cream in a cone, or a cup, or in a 'CORNO', which is a cone-shaped bun. I used to eat these cone-shaped buns filled with chocolate custard when I was in Toronto. But this time, I decided to go with just regular option of a cup because I was too full after Korean bbq.


I loved the soft serve ice cream. It was smooth, silky and intense with strong milk flavor. (You may not like this ice cream if you don't like the smell of milk). Some of my friends told me that they didn't like the honey chip because it does get stuck in their teeth a bit. But it didn't bother me a lot. 

Bandphoto_2014_03_25_17_50_06-1.jpg2014-03-25 18;21;23-1.jpg

A cup of ice cream for the original is 3,800 and the honey chip is 4800 won.  It’s not that cheap for a small cup of ice cream but I think I would have it again. Maybe the CORNO one next time ;p



2014-03-25 18;21;16-1.jpg2014-03-25 18;21;04-1.jpg


Garosu Gil ▶ 551-3, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (Subway Line #3_Sinsa Stn)

HongDae  367-38, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea (Subway Line #2_Hong Dae Ip Gu Stn)

Itaewon 736-11, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea (Subway Line #6_Itaewon Stn)