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Melon Bingsu to beat the heat

Date: Apr 10, 2014Views: 4146

Hello, Muse!

It's getting hotter and hotter during the day time. The most popular summer dessert in Korea is Bingsu(Bingsoo) which is shaved ice with various toppings. The original one is Pat bingsu which is literally red bean with ice. But Many varieties of bingsu exists in contemporary culture in Korea. 

I went to "I'm Coffee" where is the originator of Melon bingsu in Korea yesterday. Unfortunately, I couldn't have it last time because it's sold out :( I was so happy to taste it finally! We ordered a Melon bingsu and a Strawberry waffle together ;) The place is quite big and not too busy this time.  Just some people were chattering and studying. 

IMG_9378-1.jpg IMG_9382-1.jpg IMG_9385-1.jpg IMG_9388-1.jpg

Guys, please understand the quality of photos from here. I was too excited and it was really hard to concentrate on capturing in front of the delicious looking desserts. I think we finished everything within 10 minutes. And I can't tell you we just had the lunch before we came here XD 

IMG_9458-1.jpg IMG_9459-1.jpg

We all really enjoyed Melon bingsu! Topped with vanilla ice cream, the shaved ice is covered with round carve-outs of melon. The whole thing rests inside the carved melon it self. There are sliced nuts on top of it. Let the clerk know that you have allergy on nuts when you order. 

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The Strawberry waffle was soft and buttery. It's a nicely toasted waffle topped with fresh strawberry, blueberry and whipped cream. Everything was harmonized each other in my mouth. Yummy yummy!! Oh, and! A free Americano comes with the strawberry waffle ;) 


This final picture still makes me laugh! I bet that we are the only one who cleaned this Melon ball this much. There was only thin skin left Lolz....You must taste this amazing summer dessert when you visit Korea! You won't regret!