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Local Street Food at Gangnam Stn (1)

Date: Apr 02, 2014Views: 5563

Hello, Muse!

Yesterday, I was craving for grilled chicken skewers so bad. So my director and I doped by Gangnam station to get some street food after work. When I studied in Canada, it was only hot dogs and sausages and I couldn't get more creative than that. In other hand, There are so many kinds of local street foods that I can't count them all here in Korea. What a heaven!


We went out from exit number 11 at Gamnam station and ran to an egg bun car for our starter ;) There are three kinds of egg buns in Seoul. The first one is the standard one with a baked egg in pancake dough which is the one I grabbed. Another one is a backed egg and some vegetable in pancake dough. The other one is similar with the first one but the shape looks little different. 

IMG_8801-1.jpg IMG_8803-1.jpg IMG_8806-1.jpg IMG_8807-1.jpg

Next, I couldn't pass this Korean sausage car on the way to chicken skewers car... The smell was too tempting. It was Korean sausage stuffed with rice cake. I drizzled mustard and ketchup on it. The sausage was juicy and the rice cake was chewy inside! Nice choice!

IMG_8781-1.jpg IMG_8784-1.jpg IMG_8787-1.jpg IMG_8792-1.jpg IMG_8793-1.jpg IMG_8795-1.jpg

Then finally, we got a skewered chicken car and there was already long line up. The smell was really good and I couldn't wait to put them in my mouth!!  You can choose spiciness for your sauce. There are salted one, sweet soy sauce one, spicy one and the taste from hell one. Lolz I can't eat spicy food very well but for this spicy one I could handle it. The sauce was spicy but sweet as well. The chicken bites and the green onions are perfectly matching each other.  I really liked it. 



IMG_8818-1.jpg IMG_8827-1.jpg



We cross the street and headed to the last street food car. The last one we tired was really famous Korean street food called 'Hot bar' which is a fish cake bars with various ingredients. Whenever I've been there, it took for so long to choose just one hot bar. You can choose ingredients inside fish cake: Sausage, rice cake, cheese, hot pepper or sesame leaf. Everything is just awesome. You'd better try them all. There are three kinds of sauces which are mustard, ketchup and hot sauce. I recommend not to try the spicy sauce. It's super duper hot. Last time, I almost cried because of this hot sauce. I just drizzled mustard and ketchup on it this time. 



IMG_8869-1.jpg IMG_8872-1.jpg IMG_8874-1.jpg

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We couldn't try any more. We were full enough with those foods. Try local street food when you visit Korea! I bet you'll love it :)