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Burger Trip in Jeju Island

Date: May 09, 2014Views: 2725

Hello, Muse! 

We went to Jeju Island to meet our business partners last week. It was kind of tight schedule but it was really nice to see all the beautiful nature of Jeju Island in Spring. During the schedule, we tried to find more special spots for pre-wedding photo shoot and we also sought some great restaurants to introduce to you guys! The first one is an American style home-made burger place, 'Burger Trip'.

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It was an early afternoon and we were on the way to Seoguipo city. I suddenly heard a hamburger calling my name so I stopped the car to check out the place with our staffs. The place is named 'Burger Trip' and the food were definitely worth a visit. It is quite small and seems like husband and wife are running this restaurant together. 

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They don't open on Mondays. They serve hand-crafted patty and buns. Whenever I go to a restaurant with my co-workers, I always choose the menu because I've never failed it ;)  So I picked what I want to try this time as always. I ordered A set with Aloha Hwaii burger, B set with MT.Hanla burger and cream pasta. A set comes with a burger, wedge potato and a pop. B set comes with a burger, wedge potato with chili potato and a pop. 

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The wedge potato was fresh and crispy and I really liked the juicy patty. It was little different that they grilled the hamburger bun as well. Everything was really matching each other and harmonized in my mouth.  I think this one is the basic burger with cheese, patty, hash brown, sunny side egg and pine apple. This Aloha Hawaii burger is one of best seller in this restaurant. 

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The other hamburger I tired was MT. Hanla. There are rich creamy sauce and mushrooms on top of burger. I think this menu us inspired by a steak menu. It felt like I'm eating a mushroom cream sauce sirloin. It was served open-faced on a piece of grilled bun. This is definitely a fork-and-knife burger. I'm a huge fan of creamy sauce and my favorite vegetable is mushroom. This was definitely a little bit heavier fare than we normally eat, but we really enjoyed these burger so much. And you might wonder why I didn't mention about the pasta. I just kindly recommend ordering just burgers here ;) I will come back with typical food in Jeju Island tomorrow! 

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