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Date: Jul 31, 2015Views: 4746
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Hello Muse Wedding-SNSD,Fx and Girl's Day...etc

Korean top star's make-up and hair salon in Korea with HELLO MUSE

Hello, Muse! 

We are now offering a special promotion for Hello Muse customers upcoming month. Soon Soo make-up and hair salon which is one of our previous customer's favorite salon gave a hot deal for our customers!! Actually, there was extra charges if you wanted to add the salon in the standard pre wedding package. However, you can get top class Korean make-up and hair styling from famous artists who are in charge of many K-pop stars. You might meet the stars right beside of your chair during your makeover for the pre wedding session. Contact us at hello@hellomuse.com for more detail information and book the most trendy make-up and hair styling for your once-in-a-life-time event. Thank you!

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