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Date: Jan 08, 2018Views: 4644

HELLO MUSE - BONG 2018 'Love, Rose'


It’s a great start for 2018 as we have been receiving tons of updates from studio regarding new samples that they are going to launch! The studio that we will be updating for today is – Bong Studio with their latest sample – Love, Rose.


As some of you might have noticed, we have posted one outdoor sample from Bong Studio during past month. And today, we are adding up with the indoor version for everyone. For those couple who are fans of Bong Studio might need to check out more regarding the new sample because they are lovely and awesome!

Bong Studio owns really high popularity among our couple as they provide both indoor+outdoor shooting. Moreover Bong Studio is located in Misari (which is around 45 min drive from Seoul) , it does have more spacious studio and more outdoor locations compared to studio in Seoul. In this new sample, they keep all those famous scene that received great love by their clients as well as some new setting in the studio. And the great thing is, their new sample always surprised us.

For those couple who are interested to take both indoor and outdoor shooting, Bong Studio is definitely a great choice! Kindly let us know if you are interested to know more regarding the package and we will assist you as much as we could!


Studio: Bong

Theme: Love,Rose

Concept: Floral, Nature, Romantic

Benefit: Provide indoor+outdoor shooting


万众期待的Bong Studio终于带着他们的新作-Love,Rose ,强势回归。2018的新作品还是一样,带来了不少惊喜。基于他们的摄影棚设立在离首尔大概45分钟距离的郊外,相较与其他摄影棚的确拥有很大的优势。喜欢他们主题的朋友相信不难发现他们保留了一些高人气的背景,并且还添加了一些比较优雅的背景当然还少不了外景这次的新作品相信会再引起我们新人的兴趣!如果想赶在今年拍的朋友,欢迎联络我们!

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