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2013 Saranghada by Greeda Studio

Date: Nov 28, 2014Views: 14909
HelloMuse’s Korea Pre Wedding Photography – Try all high-end photoshoot, wedding dress, celebrity’s makeup and hair in Korea pre wedding photo package and date snap package

HelloMuse's Korea Pre Wedding Photography

Natural and bright outdoor date snap in Korea by Saranghada

Hello, Muse!

The fist date snap portfolio that I'm introducing you is 'Sarangada' by Greeda studio. Saranghada is a second brand of Greeda studio and it also has pre wedding photo session indoor as well. I will show you the studio scenes later and let me talk about date snap album first in this article. 

Recently, many brides and grooms want to take more natural wedding photo shoot instead of fancy pre wedding photo shoot in studios. As the wedding photography trend is changing, Saranghada launched a vintage and cheerful date snap album which is more natural and bright. 

During the pre wedding photo session, you don't need to worry about any pose and facial expression. Whenever the bride and groom enjoy the photo shoot and smile naturally, the outcome is always beautiful and lovely :) 

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