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We will be in Singapore in Nov 2015

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Hello Muse Wedding-Private consulting with you.

Book for a face to face pre wedding consulting with executive wedding planners, Anna & Ines

Hello, Muse!

Customer demands require us to open a branch in Singapore. We are planning to open a Singapore office next year and Hello Muse Wedding would like to meet many Singaporean customers when we go on a business trip this November. We will have a private consultation about Korea pre wedding photo shoot package with the couples who have an appointment with us. You guys don't need to pay anything and just come and have a delight chat with Anna and Ines who are the main wedding directors of Hello Muse wedding. If we have more than 20 couples, we will get a conference room and have a small wedding expo with only invited couples.

If you are interested in meeting, please go to below link to book for an invitation. You don't need to sign on the contract this time. Just ask us everything you are wondering about Korean style pre wedding photo shoot packages and get a discount coupon for next time photo shoot with us :) Bring your bride-to-be and groom-to-be friends together! It will be really fun and informative meeting from Korean wedding planners who have well-experience in this field. We are not a just consultants or sellers who give package information and  price chart. Anna and Ines' explanation will be much more vivid and practical information. 

Book for face-to-face pre wedding consulting in Singapore ▶ p://goo.gl/forms/eEhw3uaRXy
After we receive your information, we will inform you exact meeting time and location via email. Thanks!!♥