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2014 Chung Dam Studio

Date: Nov 28, 2014Views: 6767
HelloMuse’s Korea Pre Wedding Photography – Try all high-end photoshoot, wedding dress, celebrity’s makeup and hair in Korea pre wedding photo package by Chungdam studio

HelloMuse's Korea Pre Wedding Photography

2014 Korean pre wedding photo pacakge by Chungdam studio

Chungdam studio has its own dress shop, hair and makeup room in the studio. Dress tour and photo session will be done in the same day. You only need one day for all the process. There is little difference between 20 pages album and 30 pages album on the number of out door photo shoot locations.

There is a hot deal for a pre wedding total package of Chungdam studio with Hello Muse. We offer you the pre wedding package with amazing price and a free rental hanbok which is the Korean traditional clothes for the groom and bride both. Only 50 couples could get this total pre wedding package in Korea with special price! Check out the promotion page as well. 

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