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'Letter' by M&C Studio

Date: Apr 05, 2015Views: 3436
HelloMuse’s Korea Pre Wedding Photography – Try all high-end photoshoot, wedding dress, celebrity’s makeup and hair in Korea pre wedding photo package M&C studio

HelloMuse's Korea Pre Wedding Photography

Make your own story in your pre wedding photography in Korea with M&C studio

Hello, Muse!

I ca't wait to share this new pre wedding photography by M&C studio this year. I would recommend this pre wedding session for perky couples who love to make their wedding photography more unique. The Korean pre wedding album that I'm going to show you is titled 'Letter' because the story starts from their love letter for each other. 

We will discuss about the concept with you before the photo shoot and we will help you to find the best story for you. If you bring a letter or pictures of your couple, those will make your pre wedding session more memorable and special. 

For example, one of my customers brought lots of dolls and took a special scene with them. I couldn't understand why she brought that many dolls from her country to Korea at first. But they were really special thing for her. I've heard a story that the groom had given her a doll every year since they meet each other. Check out the pre wedding photo session of M&C and think about your own story.  Contact Hello Muse for more question ;) 

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