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Date: Apr 19, 2017Views: 4929

HELLO MUSE 2017 - New Sample by Terrace Studio 

Hello, Muse ! 

Today we are going to introduce another vintage-feel studio - TERRACE STUDIO which gained high popularity during last year. As we can see from the new sample, some of the background settings still remained the same while they tried to shoot the sample with another feeling which are cheerful and vintage. The director of Terrace Studio is known as one of the famous photographer from Wonkyu Studio. Thus the sample does carry out the similar theme with Wonkyu but having additional point of vintage feel. If you are looking for some concept that included vintage and modern, this would definitely a good choice for you ! Kindly contact us if you have other queries about the package. 


今天要为大家带来的就是Terrace Studio 新鲜出炉的新sample. 这次的风格和之前的相似,都是走向复古又优雅的风格。喜欢这种复古风格的朋友相信对这次的作品会爱不释手!有兴趣想要来这里拍摄的朋友欢迎联系我们:)

테라스2017-001.jpg 테라스2017-002.jpg 테라스2017-003.jpg 테라스2017-004.jpg 테라스2017-005.jpg 테라스2017-006.jpg 테라스2017-007.jpg 테라스2017-008.jpg 테라스2017-009.jpg 테라스2017-010.jpg 테라스2017-011.jpg 테라스2017-012.jpg 테라스2017-013.jpg 테라스2017-014.jpg 테라스2017-015.jpg 테라스2017-016.jpg 테라스2017-017.jpg 테라스2017-018.jpg 테라스2017-019.jpg 테라스2017-020.jpg 테라스2017-021.jpg 테라스2017-022.jpg 테라스2017-023.jpg 테라스2017-024.jpg 테라스2017-025.jpg 테라스2017-026.jpg 테라스2017-027.jpg 테라스2017-028.jpg 테라스2017-029.jpg 테라스2017-030.jpg 테라스2017-031.jpg 테라스2017-032.jpg 테라스2017-033.jpg 테라스2017-034.jpg 테라스2017-035.jpg 테라스2017-036.jpg 테라스2017-037.jpg 테라스2017-038.jpg 테라스2017-039.jpg 테라스2017-040.jpg 테라스2017-041.jpg 테라스2017-042.jpg 테라스2017-043.jpg 테라스2017-044.jpg