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CHLOE by Boda Studio

Date: Apr 04, 2017Views: 37366


Hello, Muse~


Its a warm Tuesday today and we are happily meeting up our couple for Spring shooting..


For another surprise, today we are going to share with you another new sample which just launched recently by BODA StUDIO. We totally fall in love with the new sample as it carries a colorful and brightening mood concept. The new sample named "CHLOE" which meant by C=Confident, H=Happy, L=Light, O=Optimistic, E=Effortless. That's such a meaningful concept name and we totally can feel what they are trying to present by taking a detail look to the sample photos. For this time, they have carried forward some of the similar backgrounds from the previous sample in addition with the color elements which match the couple well for the wedding shoot. Don't miss out the great opportunity to leave your precious memories with your beloved for wedding photography in Korea, contact us if you are interested to know more about the package.


Studio : Boda Studio

Theme: CHLOE

Concept: romantic, mood brightening, cheerful, simple


今天的首尔变得很暖和,春天真的来了~在我们忙着替新人准备他们的拍摄行程的同时,当然我们也不忘和你分享最新的sample,让你大饱眼福!这次迎来的是来自Boda Studio。主题的名字取得很特别,可以说是一个很符合主题又很有意义的名字-CHLOE。结合了之前的一些元素加上鲜明的颜色,让整体都变得非常完美。欲知更多详情,那就得赶紧联络我们咯~


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