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Door Studio 2017

Date: May 16, 2017Views: 4024

HELLO MUSE 2017- Door Studio


Hello, Muse !


Today we have another new sample to share with you which is launched by Door Studio. The new sample shared the similar background setting additional with new modern one as well. Besides, they have also remained those popular / signature setting which is the staircase scene. We are in love with the car scene as well! Door Studio is famous for having a classy and modern style for their studio and they are pretty professional in photography. Compared to the previous version, 2017 sample appears to be more elegant and chic which suits those couple who prefer simple and classy theme.

If you are the one who loves simple and elegant theme of shooting , this is the one that we would recommend to you ! Hope that you like this just like how we do :) Feel free to contact us if you are interested to have more details . 



今天要带给大家的,就是以经典优雅为主题的Door Studio。今年的主题也会一贯往日的风格,并添加了一些现代城市的风范。除此之外,他们还保留了高人气的阶梯场景。喜欢比较简单又优雅的新人们,这个会是我们强力推荐的摄影棚之一。希望您会喜欢!



 도어2017-002.jpg 도어2017-003.jpg 도어2017-004.jpg 도어2017-005.jpg 도어2017-006.jpg 도어2017-007-8.jpg 도어2017-009.jpg 도어2017-010.jpg 도어2017-011-12.jpg 도어2017-013-14.jpg 도어2017-015.jpg 도어2017-016.jpg 도어2017-017.jpg 도어2017-018.jpg 도어2017-019.jpg 도어2017-020.jpg 도어2017-021-22.jpg 도어2017-023.jpg 도어2017-024.jpg 도어2017-025.jpg 도어2017-026.jpg 도어2017-027.jpg 도어2017-028.jpg 도어2017-029.jpg 도어2017-030.jpg 도어2017-031.jpg 도어2017-032.jpg 도어2017-033.jpg 도어2017-034.jpg 도어2017-035.jpg 도어2017-036.jpg 도어2017-037-38.jpg 도어2017-039-40.jpg 도어2017-041-42.jpg 도어2017-043-44.jpg