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Date: Mar 07, 2017Views: 3526

HELLO MUSE – LUV COLOR CHIP By Moonlight Scooter Studio

Hello , Muse ! 

After introducing the cold concept from Moonlight Scooter, I am sure that you are looking forward to the other warm themed concept. Here you come the other concept from Moonlight Scooter Studio named “ Luv and Chip”. As we mentioned before, this is a warm concept showing lovely and romantic style which is different from “Monoglow”. Moonlight Scooter is well-known of having the sweet and lovey dovey concept from those past concepts they had. For this time , they have upgraded their style makes the photos look so lovely. We believe that our couple who like sweet, cheerful and romantic style of shooting would definitely love this concept just like us.

介绍了 冷色系的主题, 我相信你们也非常期待看到暖色系的主题。正如其名, 暖色系的主题走的是可爱浪漫,你侬我侬的风格。Moonlight Scooter 以甜蜜幸福的拍摄手法为名,所以情侣即使穿上casual照片的效果也是令人赞叹。 想要与你的另一半拍下那幸福甜蜜的瞬间吗?Moonlight Scooter Studio Luv and Chip 绝对符合你的选择。

Studio: Moonlight Scooter Studio

Theme: Luv and Chip

Concept: Sweet , Cute, Romantic and Lovey Dovey

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