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Date: Dec 19, 2017Views: 4467

HELLO MUSE - S studio for 2018

Hello, Muse!

We are 2 weeks away from year 2018! I am sure all of you are exciting about that, same goes to us! We are preparing to update more studio samples for this upcoming 2018. One of them will be S Studio! Finally they are back with new sample!

S Studio is really professional in studio background setting and lighting arrangement as they do change the studio backgrounds every time when they release a new sample and the theme would be different as well either mainly focus in floral or classic concept. 

2018 sample are full with surprise as well due to the upgrade of settings which are really gorgeous and trendy. We believe that this sample will receive love by our couples as they have the most chic and Korean- style theme for preceding and S studio will definitely not going to let you down on their professional service and retouching skills. 

For those couple who are interested to have their prewedding shoot, and they have certain budget to go for, GOOD NEWS for you as we are having PROMOTION DEAL for S Studio for those couple who plan to book with us for this coming 2018. Kindly drop us a mail if you are interested to know more and we will assist you further from there. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! 

Studio: S Studio 
Theme: Cheerful, Romantic and Trendy 

喜歡S Studio的朋友, 我們為您捎來了好消息,2018年度的新作品終於面世。憑著S Studio 的攝影技術和佈景,我相信,這次的作品也不會讓你們失望。

01IMG_0075.jpg 02IMG_0323.jpg 03IMG_0304.jpg 04IMG_0996.jpg 06IMG_4643.jpg 07IMG_4736.jpg 08IMG_2186.jpg 09IMG_2138.jpg 10IMG_1601.jpg 11IMG_1476.jpg 12IMG_0590.jpg 13IMG_3529.jpg 14IMG_3641.jpg 15IMG_3720.jpg 16IMG_2371.jpg 17IMG_0735.jpg 18IMG_3887.jpg 19IMG_1717.jpg 20IMG_2456.jpg 21IMG_5027.jpg 22IMG_4964.jpg 23IMG_2331.jpg 24IMG_0223.jpg 25IMG_1341.jpg 26-27IMG_3796.jpg 28IMG_1359.jpg 29IMG_3322.jpg 31IMG_5205.jpg 32IMG_4804.jpg 33IMG_4880.jpg 34IMG_5341.jpg 35IMG_5432.jpg 36IMG_2654.jpg 37IMG_2761.jpg 38IMG_5756.jpg 39IMG_5889.jpg 40IMG_4030.jpg 41IMG_4375.jpg 42IMG_1904.jpg


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