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Obra Maestra

Date: Nov 03, 2017Views: 7590

HELLO MUSE 2018 - Obra Maestra

Obra Maestra has launched another sample for the end of 2017/2018. As we know, they are known for simple and classic wedding photo style. For the latest sample, they maintain their classic, chic, trendy and elegant concept with some upgraded background settings. If you like the Korean-style wedding shoot with elegance and trendy style, this is definitely would be in one of your list!

Recently, Korea is popular with self-wedding style which is similar to the concept of Obra Maestra in their new sample. We strongly recommend this for those couple who love simple shooting without fancy and luxury settings. Kindly drop us mail if you are interested to have your shoot in this upcoming Spring.

Studio: Obra Maestra 2018

Concept: Elegant, Chic, Romantic, Classic

Obra Maestra 推出了新一季的作品!这次,他们不只是保持了原有的经典高贵风格,还重新装潢了摄影棚的背景和道具,拥有焕然一新的感觉之余还有一些熟悉的感觉。新一季的作品非常符合现时韩国流行的[i]自拍婚纱摄影的概念,喜欢的朋友欢迎联络我们了解详情!

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