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2017 Obra Maestra

Date: Mar 21, 2017Views: 4128

HELLO MUSE – New Sample 2017 for Obra Maestra

Hello, Muse !

Spring is coming soon! We would like to introduce new sample from one of studios which gained high popularity among wedding couple in Seoul as well as overseas due to their gorgeous concept and amazing photography skills- Obra Maestra Studio.

For this 2017, they have launched another new sample which looks more elegant and classic compared to the previous one. As usual, they always focus more on the couple for their love expression to each other.  Prerfect lighting and gorgeous backdrops made us love the new sample so much and we cant wait to introduce this to our couple. If you are a fan of classic yet elegant concept, this is definitely the one that you shouldn’t miss out ! For more details, kindly contact us via mail to know more about Obra Maestra!


Studio : Obra Maestra

Theme: Elegant, Stylish, Romantic


春天很快就要来临了。大家都满怀着期待的心情迎接春天的到来。 今天我们就来为大家介绍韩国具有人气的之一-Obra Maestra 他们是以经典优雅的主题为名,这次的新sample更显出了他们在这一方面的优势,落落大方又带有浪漫优雅的气息我们相信这个会是你的心头好之一~

OBRAMAESTRA_01 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_02 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_03 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_04 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_05 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_06 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_07 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_08 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_09 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_10 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_11 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_12 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_13 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_14 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_15 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_16 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_17 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_18 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_19 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_20 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_21 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_22 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_23 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_24 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_25 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_26 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_27 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_28 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_29 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_30 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_31 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_32 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_33 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_34 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_35 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_36 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_37 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_38 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_39 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_40 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_41 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_42 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_43 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_44 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_45 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_46 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_47 copy.jpg OBRAMAESTRA_48.jpg

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