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Date: Mar 27, 2018Views: 4201


Hello, Muse !


Its August finally and we are excited to share with you one of the most popular studio recently – Silvermoon Studio. We are amazed by their backdrop setting as well as the studio theme which are the current trend of Korea pre-wedding shoot.

Silvermoon Studio is mainly focus on elegant and garden-themed background, thus its easy to notice they have amazing studio setting for their shoot and the sample just looks gorgeous to us! If you are looking for some elegant and classic style with the combination of garden and floral background, you could consider go for this or put this in your wishlist! This would be one of our highest recommendation for 2017 as we really love their sample as well as the setting.

Kindly drop us mail if you would like to know more regarding this studio package. Looking forward to see you in Korea  

八月來了!我們想分享的新studio是SilverMoon. 他們是目前韓國很夯的一件攝影棚。特別的背景以及攝影手法絕對會讓你很滿意。 

如果妳是喜歡經典的攝影風格和花卉主題, 這個絕對是可以考慮的攝影棚之一。欲知詳情歡迎聯絡我們。


Studio : Silvermoon

Theme: Elegant, garden-themed, Classic and Romantic

Additional option: night scene

Silver Moon_001.jpg Silver Moon_002.jpg Silver Moon_003.jpg Silver Moon_004.jpg Silver Moon_005.jpg Silver Moon_006.jpg Silver Moon_007.jpg Silver Moon_008.jpg Silver Moon_009.jpg Silver Moon_010.jpg Silver Moon_011.jpg Silver Moon_012.jpg Silver Moon_013.jpg Silver Moon_014.jpg Silver Moon_015.jpg Silver Moon_016.jpg Silver Moon_017.jpg Silver Moon_018.jpg Silver Moon_019.jpg Silver Moon_020.jpg Silver Moon_021.jpg Silver Moon_022.jpg Silver Moon_023.jpg Silver Moon_024.jpg Silver Moon_025.jpg Silver Moon_026.jpg Silver Moon_027.jpg Silver Moon_028.jpg Silver Moon_029.jpg Silver Moon_030.jpg Silver Moon_031.jpg Silver Moon_032.jpg Silver Moon_033.jpg Silver Moon_034.jpg Silver Moon_035.jpg Silver Moon_036.jpg Silver Moon_037.jpg Silver Moon_038.jpg Silver Moon_039.jpg Silver Moon_040.jpg Silver Moon_041.jpg Silver Moon_042.jpg Silver Moon_043.jpg Silver Moon_044.jpg Silver Moon_045.jpg Silver Moon_046.jpg Silver Moon_047.jpg Silver Moon_048.jpg Silver Moon_049.jpg Silver Moon_050.jpg Silver Moon_051.jpg Silver Moon_052.jpg Silver Moon_053.jpg


Contact to HELLO MUSE to get more details! 

Email : hello@hellomuse.com

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