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2013 Bong Studio

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HelloMuse’s Korea Pre Wedding Photography – Try all high-end photoshoot, wedding dress, celebrity’s makeup and hair in outdoor Korea pre wedding photo package

HelloMuse's Korea Pre Wedding Photography

2013 natural and bright concept pre wedding photography in Korea

Hello, Muse!

Bong studio is a recent popular pre wedding studio in Korea. This studio is not located in Seoul but it's slightly side of the Seoul city. It usually takes about 30-40 minutes from our Hello Muse office at Chungdam-dong in Gangnam. 

This studio has many different styles of backgrounds and the advantage of this studio is the lush green forest in front of the studio. It has nice scenery during the spring, summer and autumn. That's whay the Korea pre wedding photo album by Bong is including more outdoor scenes than any other wedding studio. 

These days, many couples are looking for outdoor photo shoot during their pre wedding session in Korea. I recommend Bong studio if you want to take both indoor studio scenes and outdoor wedding scenes. Contact Hello Muse for more detail and get a special price.

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