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Keul Lim wedding photography

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Hello Muse Wedding: Wedding photograpy

Stunning wedding photography in Korea with HELLO MUSE

Hello! Today, I'm introducing a touching and memorable moment of beautiful bride and groom in a professional wedding photography by Kkeul Lim studio. Kkeul Lim is a second brand of Kanu studio and it's more focused on outdoor candid snap in Korea and Korean wedding ceremony. They don't miss any single moment during your special day and capture the most emotional and beautiful moment of the wedding. From the makeup and hair salon to Korean way reception 'Pye back', photographer will collect your precious memories on very important day in your life. 


  Korean wedding snap shots of beautiful bride

She's getting her wedding makeup and hair done by Korean wedding stylist

her beautiful backside of wedding dress and veil

 Groom's jacket is hanging on the wall and waiting for his owner

groom is getting his wedding makeup and hair by Korean wedding makeup artist

she's walking through the hall way to get to the wedding ceremony
beautiful kara bouquet in wedding ceremony in Korea
the family look excited for their big oc  cation

Mr. Right and Mrs. Right is kissing each other

bride and her friends in her waiting room

groom is entering for his wedding ceremony
bride's father is leading her to his future son-in-law
groom and the bride are bowing each other

groom is listening to wedding speech


bride is listening to wedding speech and smiling


grand and luxurious wedding ceremony hall in Korea

 she's throwing her wedding bouquet to her best friends

groom is hugging his mom
groom and bride are greeting with their wedding guests
beautiful Korean style wedding ceremony
their parents are throwing nuts in Korean traditional wedding ceremony
groom and bride are bowing to their parents wearing Korean traditional clothes honbok in wedding


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